CENTRAL LAW provides legal advice for a wide range of financial services such as:

CENTRAL LAW advises many different types of financial entities in the credit markets, acting a legal representative in the financial structure of insured credits and in doing the research to approve such transactions.

Many companies that are focused on growth can face specific challenges when developing their expansion plans. At CENTRAL LAW we stand out because we conceptualize and implement legal methods that permit our clients to ensure the resources that they need for their projects, while covering their financial needs. Our services range from international financial transactions to the implementation of financial mechanisms in the form of project financing, stock exchange, creation of investment funds, and real estate, as well as the issuance of national securities in key markets in the region. We have advised different financial entities in the region, whether acting as a legal representative in the financing structure for millions of dollars of insured credits, or doing the necessary research prior to approving such transactions.