The present terms and conditions of use are intended to regulate any use made of the CENTRAL LAW INTERNACIONAL SA website with legal ID number 155645502-2-2017 (hereinafter CENTRAL LAW) as well as the tools made available to users in it.


User: You, every time you access the page in any of its modalities.


Database: Set of personal data duly organized and used for the purposes indicated in the “Privacy Policy and Data Protection”


The Page and Platform are the sole and absolute property of CENTRAL LAW, together with any type of intellectual and industrial property, images, designs and any other differentiating element of said Page and Platform.

Services provided through the page

By using the page, the User can find out about the offices where CENTRAL LAW is located, as well as make use of the contact forms that will be made available to said user.

Obligations and prohibitions of the user

The User accepts that when making use of the Page he will abstain from:

  1. Use the Page appropriately and never for purposes or effects contrary to the law, morals, and good customs or for personal gain in any way.
  2. Attempt against the integrity of the Page through any type of actions, to damage the integrity of the same. Without seeking to be exhaustive, for example, prohibited actions would be sabotage attempts, “hacking”, saturation of the service by manual means or with the use of “Robots” software tools, etc.
  3. Reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any means of communication, transform, or modify the content of the Page.
  4. Carry out any act that consists in a violation of the intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to Central Law or third parties such as the distribution, modification or alteration of the content of the Page (texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, images) as well as of graphic design, source code and software, whether these are the exclusive property of Central Law or owned by third parties. Make use of the page or information on it to send communications or messages to people who have not uthorized this submission.
  5. Send, when applicable, messages, sounds, photographs, videos, or any other type of images that are offensive, illegal or that go against morals and good customs.

If, because of breaches of these Terms and Conditions by the user, damages result to Central Law or any third party, the User will be obliged to compensate whoever has suffered the damage in its entirety.

Suspension of service

Central Law will endeavor to ensure compliance with the Costa Rican legal order at all times and by virtue of the same, reserves the right to suspend services to any user who acts in contravention of these regulations of use or who have justified suspicions that it could be doing. All the above without prejudice to any legal actions that Central Law may have to exercise to safeguard your rights or those of third parties; even to seek compensation for the actions committed by the offender.

Central Law limitations of liability

By simply using the Site, you acknowledge and accept the following limitations on Central Law’s liability:

  1. We do not assume any responsibility for the activities or behavior of the users.
  2. If you consider that your intellectual or industrial property rights are being violated by any content that is present on the Page or the messages sent through it, we communicate your possibility of contacting Central Law to elucidate the situation.
  3. In no case shall Central Law be held liable for any damage, including loss of benefits and damages that may result from a virus, worms, programs or sections of harmful programs that could infect your computer equipment during access or navigation on the page, being that Central Law warns you that although all pertinent and appropriate security measures will be taken on the page, on the Internet no system, page, web page or any other type of online environment can be considered as impassable against attacks from third parties, for which it is your responsibility to maintain your computer with the appropriate program (s) to prevent infection while browsing our Site and for which you accept full responsibility and exempt Central Law from any type of liability In this regard.

Regarding Communications with Users

The treatment of personal data and the sending of communications to users comply with the regulations established in the LPD and its Regulations. (See “link to privacy policy and data protection”).

The moment you enter your data on the page, you authorize Central Law to send you communications. Notwithstanding the foregoing, users who request it can be excluded from this service in a simple and freeway, by sending a written communication to the address indicated above, or by going to the following email address: info @ central-law. com

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by Costa Rican law. The parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Costa Rica.

All the actions of CENTRAL LAW, Users will be considered made in Costa Rican territory for any legal effect.

These General Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Costa Rican legislation in what is not expressly established.

User acceptance

You are considered “User” of the Page and with the sole use of the site, therefore it is clarified that you accept these Terms and Conditions in the respective, from the moment you access the Page, forcing yourself to comply with what is established herein. Likewise, Central Law recommends reading this document prior to each use, since Central Law reserves the right to modify the presentation and configuration of the Page at any time, as well as these Terms and Conditions of use.


(hereinafter the “Policy”)

CENTRAL LAW INTERNACIONAL SA, with legal ID: 155645502-2-2017, (hereinafter the “Responsible”), informs the user of the existence of a Personal Database created by the Responsible, and called “CENTRAL LAW Contacts”


The data that the user provides to the Responsible is collected to maintain contact with you and to carry out commercial prospecting practices; all in accordance with the legislation regarding the right to informative self-determination in force in Costa Rica.


All the terms that have meanings in this Policy are duly defined in the same document under the format: (definition of the term (hereinafter “(term)”)


You declare that all the information you enter the Responsible system is truthful and exact, and that it is your own Personal Data or is authorized by the interested party to whom it corresponds. Likewise, you assume the obligation to carry out the necessary information updates to keep it truthful and accurate at all times. In the absence of this obligation to update, the user exempts the Responsible from all legal consequences regarding these elements of veracity and accuracy belonging to the principle of quality of information established in national legislation.

On the other hand, if the Responsible Party determines that you have entered information contrary to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, it will immediately proceed to delete it without being liable for any negative consequences that this action may generate.


The data requested is adequate, relevant, and not excessive. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is completely voluntary for the user to provide the data or not and in the event that their consent has been given for their data to be processed, said consent may be revoked at any time, in person at the address indicated by the Responsible party above or by sending a communication to the email address


Apart from the information that you provide us, the Responsible informs you that other information will be collected through access to public databases, in which case it will be used only for internal purposes, as well as information will be collected through the use of cookies on the CENTRAL LAW website.

By virtue of the aforementioned, we inform you that you can prevent the Responsible from collecting your behavioral information during the use of the Website, configuring your browser in such a way that it does not allow the use of “cookies” during your use of the page Responsible website.

The Responsible will never request information of a financial nature or identified as “sensitive” by the regulation of protection of the person against the treatment of their personal data, therefore we ask that if you receive a communication identified as the Responsible requesting this type of information, do not respond to that communication, proceed to delete it and communicate that event to the Responsible.


The consequence of not providing the data or denying consent at any time for its treatment, will be the impossibility for the Responsible to maintain contact with you for any previously indicated purposes.


In principle, the Users’ Data will not be transferred, communicated or transferred to other third parties, in the event of an exceptional situation in which any of your data should be delivered by virtue of a legal order, it will be notified to you. In all cases where a transfer is made and is not under a legal order, you will be asked for the consent of the case.


In principle, the Responsible does not collect data from minors from the same, however there may be a special case in which this type of data can be collected, in which case the Informed Consent of parents or guardians of the minor in question.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in general, minors are prohibited, even if they have the consent of their parents, to include any type of information that: (i) is considered sensitive data by the LPD, or (ii) personal data of their parents or guardians and that are not exclusively the contact data to verify the authorization mentioned in the previous paragraph.


You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, modification, revocation or elimination of the processing of your personal data by directing a written communication to the Responsible at the physical address indicated in the first paragraph, or by contacting the following email address:


The personal data of our users is stored in a database owned by the Responsible, which guarantees the appropriate technical and structural measures to guarantee the integrity and security of the personal information provided in accordance with the current state of the art. , the Law of Protection of the Person against the Treatment of your Personal Data number 8968 and its Regulation number 37554 -JP published in The Official Newspaper La Gaceta n ° 45 of March 05, 2013, without prejudice to informing you that the security measures in The Internet are not infallible.


The treatment of personal data and the sending of communications by electronic means comply with the regulations established in the LPD and its Regulations.

At the time of including your information by any of the means that the Responsible makes available to you for this purpose, you authorize the Responsible to send you communications, however you are guaranteed that in all electronic communications sent by the Responsible you will be informed of your right to object to continue receiving communications.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, users who request it can exclude themselves from this service in a simple and freeway, sending a written communication to the following email address:


This Privacy and Data Protection Policy is governed by Costa Rican law. The parties submit to the administrative system, the courts, and tribunals of Costa Rica.

All the actions of the Responsible, users or in general of any third party, will be considered made in Costa Rican territory for any legal effect.

This Privacy and Data Protection Policy is governed and interpreted in accordance with Costa Rican legislation in what is not expressly established.


You agree to this Policy by checking the box next to “I have read and accept the privacy and data protection policy”, found on the data collection forms. Therefore, we recommend the user to read this Policy carefully before checking the box mentioned above.