J. Federico Campos-Calderón

From 1993 to 2006 working for the Judiciary Power of Costa Rica performing the position of Public Defender, Trial Judge and Attorney for the Criminal Circuit of the Supreme Court of Justice. Subsequently, as of 2006, having entered a private practice as founding partner of law firms specializing in Criminal law PENALCORP and LEXPENAL, where he has exercised his specialty in criminal proceedings until 2020, prior to his incorporation to Central Law.
Performed investigative and academic consults, both on a national and international level, for the World Bank, IADB, IAD, Secretariat of Ibero-American Justice Ministers, among other entities.

Magíster in Criminal Sciences for the University of Costa Rica in 2003 and 2004, and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, with a social-legal focus for the National University (Costa Rica) in 2006. Post Graduate courses undertaken in Criminal Law in the University of Salamanca, España, in 2002. Specialized courses undertaken in Orality and Accusatory Systems in the Center for Justice Studies in the Americas (CEJA), Chile, in 2005. Attorney at Law and Notary Public graduated from the University Escuela Libre de Derecho since 1995.

Currently a professor in the School of Law of the University of Costa Rica in the courses of Law of Criminal Proceedings I and II. Furthermore, invited to impart short courses on Criminal Law teaching in national and abroad universities (Among others, University of Oaxaca in Mexico, University Diego Portales in Chile, Judiciary Power of El Salvador, Costa Rican Bar Association, Judiciary School of the Judiciary Power of Costa Rica, etc.).
Participated as an invited speaker in several law seminars and congresses both in Costa Rica and abroad, speaking to several topics related to criminal and criminal proceedings law. Having imparted conferences as well on topics and issues such as criminalistics, criminology and penitentiary systems. Founding member of the Center for Law Studies and Evidence Reasoning, from which critical studies and seminars are promoted, on topics related to evidence on civil and criminal cases.

Author of two books “La Cadena de Custodia de la Prueba (Evidence Chain of Custody) (2000 1st edition, and 2001 2nd edition); and “El Valor Probatorio de las Declaraciones de los Coimputados en el Proceso Penal” (Evidentiary Worthiness of Co Defendants Statements in the Criminal Proceedings) in the year 2006. With three books currently in the works: “La Prueba Electrónica” (ElectronicEvidence), “Temas de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal” (Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings Topics) and “Defensas Penales (Garantías y tensiones en un Estado de Derecho)” (Criminal Defense [Guarantees and tension in a State of Law])
Since 1990, having written several academic articles jointly with several authors (VVAA) and in publications specialized in Criminal Law and Criminal Proceedings Law, both national and abroad.

Member of the Costa Rican Bar Association since 1995. Furthermore, member of the Costa Rican Criminal Sciences Association and the Ibero – American Proceedings Law Institute.