, Panama goes from gray to green in financial matters

Panama goes from gray to green in financial matters

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) excluded Panama from its gray list, following a process initiated in June 2019, in which important measures have been implemented to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. This decision works in favor of the country’s economic development.

For our CENTRAL LAW partner in Panama, Alida Benedetti, this event is cause for celebration because it contributes to the positioning of the country’s international image.  Additionally, Ana Cristina Arosemena, also from our office in Panama, said “It is excellent news for everyone and shows that all the efforts that have been made to position Panama as an attractive country for investment are yielding positive results”. In this sense, we emphasize that CENTRAL LAW lawyers guarantee compliance and adaptation to all the new measures that facilitate the transparency of our clients’ commercial relations”.

In this regard, we invite you to see our note on the creation of the Registry of beneficial owners.

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