, Panama enacts the Law of Public Private Association

Panama enacts the Law of Public Private Association

Panama passed the Law of Pubic Private Association as Law Number 93 of September 19 of 2019 as an incentive to the private investment, the social development and the creation of employment.

Ana Cristina Arosemena Benedetti, partner at CENTRAL LAW in Panama, expressed that the Public Private Association Law recently enacted is primarily focused in the construction of works of infrastructure. Both the public and private sector could develop projects under this scheme looking to improve the public infrastructure of the country.

Panama has expanded the Panama Canal three times, has constructed the Metro connecting the city with some provinces, has done several changes to roads, has expanded the Tocumen Airport and has improved the green spaces at the Coast Way.

Although the law is waiting for its bylaws, there are many projects could be done and thus, continue with the improvement of public infrastructure of Panama.

Ana Cristina Arosemena Benedetti

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