, COSTA RICA – Temporary Special Category – Free Condition

COSTA RICA – Temporary Special Category – Free Condition

For nationals from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, with pending or denied refugee applications.

Due to the socio-political situation in the countries of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as well as to safeguard the integrity and respect for human rights, the immigration authorities in Costa Rica have created the special complementary category free condition, for foreigners of these nationalities can opt for the category since March 1st.

They must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Application for recognition of refugee status pending or that has been denied between January 2010 to September 2022.
  2. Who have resided in the country up to the present time and have no other type of residence established before the General Directorate of Migration and Aliens.

They have to submit with their application:

  1. Affiliation form.
  2. 2.Informed consent.
  3. 3.Birth certificate.
  4. 4.Certificate of criminal record.
  5. 5.Fingerprinting at the Security Ministry.
  6. 6.Payment of $90 dollars.

This category, is free condition, therefore the applicant who enjoys this category will be able to do any remunerated occupation and has a validity of two years, renewable for equal periods.

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María José Solera

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