, CENTRAL LAW is recognized by WTR 1000 for its Intellectual Property work

CENTRAL LAW is recognized by WTR 1000 for its Intellectual Property work

CENTRAL LAW has been recognized  by WTR 1000 Guide to leading trademark professionals in the edition 2020 as follows: Central Law’s José Manuel Argüello is “a fantastic lawyer who knows exactly how to cover the needs of his clients”. Well established in the IP and life sciences arenas, he is always in great demand among food, agriculture and pharmaceutical companies.”

“Central Law- “Top-notch, fun, and featuring extensive networks across Latin America,” Central Law is doing well for itself. Centralising the provision of comprehensive, full-service legal advice in the region, the firm offers “excellent service and fast responses at competitive costs” regardless of practice area but shines particularly bright in the IP firmament, especially when Gustavo Noyola takes charge. “An excellent lawyer, Noyola is quick and direct, giving you the simplest solution to the problem, but also one that works for the client.” His most notable quality, however, is the speed of his communications, which patrons could not emphasise more: “the most important attribute he has is how fast he can respond. It can be about trademark searches, preliminary opinions, status or just to confirm specifics costs – he is available 24/7”.

CENTRAL LAW is proud of the strong work it has been doing in the Life Sciences and Intellectual Property fields regionally wide increasing the IP portfolio of clients during 2019.-

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