, GUATEMALA – Zima seeks to boost Guatemalan business growth

GUATEMALA – Zima seeks to boost Guatemalan business growth

In a recent article published by Prensalibre.com, it was highlighted that Zima Investments seeks to make it known that the use of the market is essential for companies that opt for a financial solution to finance their long-term growth projects and have intensive capital needs. This was pointed out through the Capital Convention 2023, called “Issuance as a Tool for Business Growth”.

“According to the World Bank, solid capital markets allow the efficient flow of funds to more productive uses and provide companies with: diversification of financing sources and a wide network of investors, flexibility in financing structures, visibility and an important reputational factor, among others,” adds the Prensalibre.com article.

Ana de Jesús Ulloa, Director of Zima Investments, indicates that the first Capital Markets Convention in Guatemala seeks to create a space for interaction, knowledge and networking among potential issuers and key agents within the issuance process, with the objective of promoting the use of the capital market as a tool for growth for companies and economic development in the region.

In CENTRAL LAW, the Capital Markets advisory is growing and the team of lawyers is planning to attend this type of events that in addition to training on the subject, provide a network of contacts to those who can support in their legal needs.

In this regard, Carlos Cabrera, associate of CENTRAL LAW in Guatemala adds that the Capital Market has been consolidating with more actors and more operations and that entering the capital market as a form of alternative financing is a means that companies have within their reach to have access to flows that they did not have before.

Carlos Cabrera is an associate lawyer of CENTRAL LAW and among his corporate and financial experience is that of Capital Markets.

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