Daysi Alvarado de Flores

Daisy Alvarado de Flores currently serves as a Martime Agent in the Maritime Department of the firm.Daisy specializes in all kinds of maritime Requests, disputes and claims including collisions, cargo claims, Special Flagging by Assignment, Regular flagging, Special Registry of Temporary Navigation, Registration of Foreign Vessels Under the Charter of Naked Helmet in Panama, Special Register Lay – up, Obtaining a Provisional Navigation Patent, Obtaining a Regulatory Navigation Patent, Documents of Navigation by Transfer of Title of Property or name of the ship, Navigation Documents for Changes in Authority in Charge of Radio Accounts, Dimensions and Tonnage, Change of Service or Resident Agent, Cancellation of the Panama Registry, among others.Daisy is a graduate of the National University of Panama (LL.B, 1973) and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, in her vast experience with our firm she is in charge of the Maritime Department.