, PANAMA – Legal Framework for the Use of Cannabis

PANAMA – Legal Framework for the Use of Cannabis

Law No. 242, regulates the medical and therapeutic use of Cannabis in Panama.

Among the most relevant aspects included in this law, we can mention:

  • The permitted purpose of Cannabis will be solely medical and therapeutic.
  • Its use and access will be monitored
  • An Operation License will be required to import, export, re-export and for manufacturing.
  • Licenses will be issued by the Ministry of Security, through the Office of Strategies and Follow-ups to National Security.
  • The entities in charge of surveillance and control will be: ministry of agricultural development, national customs authority and ministry of commerce and industries.
  • A registry of patients using cannabis will be kept by means of a Medical Certificate.
  • Home or internet marketing is prohibited
  • Sale in health food stores, doctor’s offices is prohibited.
  • Promotion and advertising are prohibited.
  • Only sale in authorized and certified pharmaceutical establishments will be allowed.
  • The local product will be subject to a strict control and surveillance system by MINSA
  • There are 2 types of local manufacturing licenses:
  1. Manufacture of cannabis derivatives for national use or export
  2. Manufacture of cannabis derivatives for scientific research
  • Authorized laboratories must have ISO
  • All licensees must have liability insurance
  • The Manufacturing Licenses will have costs ranging between US $ 10 and 20 thousand.
  • Control authorities will verify that the applicant has at least US $ 3 million of capital or must deposit US $ 500 thousand with a Financial Institution.

For the purposes of this law, the following terms must be understood:

  1. Controlled Environment
  2. Medical cannabis
  3. Cannabis Research Center
  4. Cannabis derivatives for medicinal use
  5. Final disposal of cannabis.
  6. From the Manufacturer
  7. Administrative Authorization License
  8. Cannabis Plant
  9. Final agronomic product
  10. Finished product.

There must be a patient record, this record must be mandatory, with at least information on the patient’s disease and the treating physician, as well as the prescribed dose and frequency of treatment.

The Ministry of Health and the National Authority for Government Innovation will be in charge of guaranteeing the reliability of the tool that supports the registration of patients.

The main objective must be to quantify the legitimate needs of the country and set the total amounts required for annual provision.

From the License:

  1. Manufacturing License for Medicinal Cannabis Derivatives
  2. License for Scientific Research of Medicinal Cannabis.

NOTE: These licenses will be granted for a period of 10 years and may only be canceled or suspended for which, of the causes established by law, these licenses will only be granted to legal entities.

For renewal, it must be requested 6 months prior to expiration and all general and specific requirements provided by law must be met. 

Legal argument: Law 242 of October 13, 2021 That regulates the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives and dictates other provisions.-

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