, NICARAGUA – Obligation to keep updated data before DGI

NICARAGUA – Obligation to keep updated data before DGI

Dear clients,

At CENTRAL LAW, we are concerned about the well-being of your businesses, and that is why we want to remind you of the importance of maintaining updated information provided to the Nicaragua General Revenue Directorate (“DGI” for its acronym in Spanish). The DGI is reminding all taxpayers to keep their information up to date, including data about the Board of Directors, legal representative, shareholders, offices, address, telephone and email, in accordance with article 103 of the Tax Code.

Additionally, the DGI is requiring that all individuals related to the company (shareholders or legal representative) be in compliance with their personal tax obligations, or those unrelated to the company’s operations, in order to make a successful annual Income Tax (“IR” for its acronym in Spanish) declaration.

Failure to maintain updated information can result in sanctions and fines from the DGI. Therefore, we recommend periodically checking your information and making necessary changes in a timely manner.

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