, The 15 Latin American Startups Transforming the Future with Sustainable Innovation

The 15 Latin American Startups Transforming the Future with Sustainable Innovation

The urgency to address deforestation and the climate crisis has led to a surge in sustainable startups in Latin America, especially in Central America. These emerging companies are leading the way toward a greener and more equitable future in the region.

Krispy Freeze: A startup in Panama using food freeze-drying to reduce waste and improve food logistics.

Delnorte: Based in Honduras, it offers technological solutions to combat fraud and corruption in the real estate sector.

Volcano Summit: Organizes the Startup Avenue summit in Guatemala, highlighting emerging startups and promoting innovation across the region.

Glasst: This Colombian startup offers eco-friendly products like unpaint and biodegradable protectors for temporary spaces and energy efficiency.

TuConsejería: From Guatemala, it provides mental health services for marginalized communities, promoting well-being and reducing inequalities.

FIADO: Based in El Salvador, it provides access to microloans and supports financial inclusion for independent workers.

Avify: An e-commerce platform based in Central America, committed to inclusion and female empowerment.

Bioplaster Research: A Mexican startup using nanotechnology to create eco-friendly plastics and help manufacturers comply with environmental regulations.

Bono: Facilitates industrial decarbonization in Latin America, helping companies manage and reduce their carbon emissions.

Remoti: Led by CEO Pablo Miller, it offers talent selection and management solutions for international companies looking to expand in the region.

OSMO: From Guatemala, it offers a digital wallet and seeks to democratize financial access in Central America.

Credibl ESG: A platform facilitating ESG data management for companies, promoting sustainable business practices.

Fracttal: An integrated solution in enterprise asset management, promoting efficiency and sustainability in operations.

ALIS Biotechnology: Develops living systems for wastewater treatment, contributing to environmental conservation.

Mismo: Based in the US and Costa Rica, it connects Latin American talent with leading technology companies, fostering inclusion and economic development.

These startups are proving that sustainable innovation is key to the future development of Latin America, offering creative solutions to the environmental and social challenges of the region. As a legal firm, Central Law provides vital support to these startups, helping them navigate regulations and contracts to drive their growth and success in the market.


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