, Security of the information

Security of the information

The efforts in security in companies and all types of institutions are not new, what has been coming into the consciousness of people in general, both in their private life and professional, is the importance of information in our times.

Information has become an essential asset for any type of organization, therefore, it is almost mandatory for all of them to have good information security policies, but, what do we mean by information security ? The answer could be as simple or complicated as desired. The simplest way to define the concept would be “that set of measures aimed to the guard and protection of information.

The need to protect the information and the value it has for organizations is undisputed, however what is sometimes complicated is how? This last question does not seem to have a concise answer that applies to any organization, because the concrete way of protecting the inform.

Notwithstanding the above, there are elements that can be used as a guide or central aspects to take into consideration such as: confidentiality, integrity, availability and authentication of the information, all of which at the moment that a Comprehensive work from a particular organization should be identified and regulated in safety protocols.

Finally, it is important to mention that, while it is true that information security has come to play a fundamental role in organizations linked to technological development, it should also be clarified that when talking about information security, we are not talking about computer or electronic systems, but the object of protection is the information itself, regardless of the format (physical or digital) in which it is contained.

Good security policies are one of the most necessary investments that must be made by all types of organizations, so it must be understood that the implementation of information security measures will always be oriented to safeguard an essential asset of the organization, and we must never forget that an incidence that affects the information can have legal, commercial and image consequences, among many others, reason why it is highly advisable to make these efforts as initially preventive measures so as not to have to go to corrective measures that can be much more and the consequences could not be controlled in their entirety.ation will absolutely depend on the particular characteristics of each one.

Miguel Rodríguez