, Partner from CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua elected Vice-President at AACCLA

Partner from CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua elected Vice-President at AACCLA

Yali Molina Palacios was elected today in Washington D.C. as Vice-president at the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America (“AACCLA”), which represents more than twenty thousand American businesses in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce along with its three millions affiliated.

This institution is the biggest business organization from the continent related to the United States of America.

At the same event, was elected the new President from AACCLA, the Panamanian businessman Thomas H. Kenna, President and CEO of the Panama Canal Railway Company. The election took place at the headquarters of the US Chamber of Commerce in the frame of the most important Assembly from the institution.

Yali Molina Palacios took his appointment at the end of the assembly and stated: “I have accepted the responsibility for which I have been elected, with the most firm commitment of promoting the principles and values in which AACCLA was created as well as AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce from Nicaragua), as the respect and observance of the State of Law, enterprise freedom, free market and economic freedom in democracy” said the new Vice-president from AACCLA, Yali Molina Palacios.

Congratulations to our partner form Nicaragua for this distinguished appointment and we wish him success!