, More Panama Infrastructure Projects

More Panama Infrastructure Projects

The government of Panama is reinvesting a large portion of its 7% annual growth back into the economy making the country one of the best investment opportunities in the region. In addition to expanding its canals, railways, and highways, Panama is making the investment in a number of other infrastructure projects.

Tocumen Airport Expansion

The airport is adding an 80,000 square meter passenger terminal that consists of 20 new terminals at a projected investment of $679 million dollars. The project, when completed in 2016, will nearly double the number of customers it accommodates to 15 million per year. The project also entails immigration and customs and shopping space. Parking lots, access roads, and bridges. Norberto Odebrecht Construction of Brazil was awarded the contract by Panama’s Ministry of Public Works.

Government City Project

The Panama Government City Project was created with the objective of turning a retired American military base into a vibrant urban center for trade and commerce. The government is hoping the plan will enhance its urban development goals as well as expand the existing traffic hub and create a government campus. The grounds will be noted for its public artwork, wide sidewalks, and amphitheaters.

Panama Public Hospital Project

$45 million dollars has been transferred to the Panama Ministry of Health to build two hospitals. The hospitals will be Manuel Amador Guerrero, located in the province of Colon and the Anita Moreno Hospital, in the province of Los Santos. The funds are to be used to study, design, build and equip these two facilities.
The project is due for completion in 2018 and is estimated to create 2000 or more new jobs.

In addition to these projects, the Government of Panama has also invested in building the Financial Tower, The Mining Project, The Colombia – Panama Electrical Interconnection, Water Supply & Sanitation, the Bridge of the Americas reconstruction, Air-Sea Stations, New Prisons, and Energy Generation Projects.

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