, MESMEs receive funds from CHINA-TAIWAN

MESMEs receive funds from CHINA-TAIWAN

Through a strategic alliance of the private sector in Honduras, MESMEs in the industrial area will be benefited with funds from international cooperation of CHINA-TAIWAN.

The funds will be allocated to entrepreneurs in the area of transformation for the purchase of machinery, equipment and vehicles; to improve local procurement of energy systems for energy efficiency and other areas that can improve the production in this sector.

These funds are expected to meet in a first stage, more than 150 micro and small entrepreneurs especially the category of transformation at national level, at lower rates of 10%.

Taiwan is one of the most important trading partners in Central America, with exports exceeding $ 260 million which in recent years have recorded an annual growth above 8%.

Regarding the Central American region, Taiwan expects the creation of two projects seeking to accelerate the connection of Central America with the international economy. One of those projects is the creation of a study center for economic integration and the other is the creation of a sales network for small and medium enterprises.

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