, First Regional Congress on White Collar Crime

First Regional Congress on White Collar Crime

On September 19 th 2016 the 1st regional congress of White Collar Crime was held El Salvador, organized by America School of Business.

The Congress counted with the participation of more than 15 national and international speakers who developed lectures and discussion forums focused on prevention around the identified risks for companies (financial and non-financial) regarding the recent Implementation of Reforms of the Law Against Money Laundering and Assets of El Salvador.

In particularly, the issues discussed were (i) prevention schemes; (Ii) Activity of the Compliance Officer in the prevention of Money Laundering; (Iii) Responsibility of Companies and People Against Corruption; (Iv) Forfeiture, Criminal Organizations and contraindications; Among other topics of interest.

The event hosted 150 economists, risk and compliance officers and lawyers, including Jonathan Menjivar, associate attorney of CENTRAL LAW El Salvador.

In this regard, Lic. Menjívar said that "The trend of international business imposes that companies must implement prevention systemsto gain the stability in the market that the culture of transparency allows. The new rules aim to prevent nonprofit associations and companies of being involved in economic and financial Crimes, so there is much work ahead which is recommended to be done by a specialist in compliance."

Among the areas of practice that CENTRAL LAW advises, the firm offers the services of compliance in full knowledgement of the law against money laundering. See Corporate governance y White collar crime.