, El Salvador Infrastructure Projects

El Salvador Infrastructure Projects

El Salvador, Central America, has a population of about 6.5 million people and is currently undergoing a resurgence in infrastructure development. Highway expansion, hospital construction, and water treatment plants are only a few of the many infrastructure projects slated for 2015 and beyond.

The Nationwide Highway Improvement Project

The Official Credit Institute of Spain has loaned the government of El Salvador $30 million for a nationwide road improvement project aimed at improving the nation’s rural road infrastructure. The highway project is slated to improve traffic congestion as well as facilitating increased trade amongst the El Salvador people. People will be able to get from one part of El Salvadore more quickly and easily.

Hospital Construction

El Salvador has received financing through the Inter-American Development Bank, financing in the amount of $170 million dollars for the construction of two hospitals, a 400-bed facility in San Salvador and a 100-bed hospital in the north. The 400-bed hospital will cover the entire country while the 100-bed facility will cover the area north of San Salvador including expanded gynecology care.

Water Treatment Plant Renovation

The French Government has granted El Salvador a $59 million loan for the renovation of a water treatment plant in Las Pavas. The Las Pavas Water Treatment plant is located in San Pablo Tacachico Municipality, La Libertad Department, Republic of El Salvador. The objective of the project is to expand water intake and increase the life span of the three pumping stations while increasing the overall drinking water supply.

Other projects currently in varying stages of completion or planning are a $32 million office project, finishing work on the El Chaparral hydroelectric dam, and designing and building a 66 million watt turbine as well as several other projects.