Costa Rica Infrastructure Projects

One of the biggest economic development challenges that Costa Rica faces is how to modernize its shipping ports, airports, and highways while maintaining a reputation for being one of the region’s most eco-friendly tourism destinations. Costa Rica is currently in the midst of a number of large infrastructure improvement projects, in an effort to improve international commerce, increase tourism and reduce highway congestion.

Port-City of Limon Integrated Infrastructure Project

The Port Terminal of Limón is adjacent to the Costa Rican City of Limón and was established in the mid-1800’s. Limón has two terminals and permits shipping Costa Rican exports and the anchoring of cruise ships. The Port of Limón Project is an effort to revitalize the city and to modernize the port. The goals of the project are to upgrade the city, preservate f Costa Rican cultural heritage and revitalize the conservation of Limón.

$1 Billion Moín Container Terminal Project

This is the largest current infrastructure project underway in Costa Rica. The project will expand the size of the Moín Container Terminal fourfold and is expected to create hundreds of jobs. There will be the construction of an artificial island to the west and the total size of the port will be 100 hectares. As the world’s leading exporter of pineapples and bananas, Costa Rica intends to bring its port terminals up to world-class status. The project is expected to be completed by 2018.

Highway Infrastructure Improvement

The Costa Rican Ministry of Public Works is investing $12 million in attempting to reduce the congestion in and around major metropolitan areas like San José and Limón by improving and expanding roads to more lanes and improving technologies at intersections, as well as improving on and off ramps. According to, there are 22 areas where traffic congestion is a problem and the project aims to rectify that, making it easier to get around the country by car or bus. Various highway improvement projects will begin in the second half of 2016.

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