, CENTRAL LAW welcomes the Spanish company COPROSA

CENTRAL LAW welcomes the Spanish company COPROSA

The infrastructure is the core center on which the practical life of a society is built. COPROSA, company dedicated to construction, is one of the companies that, over the years, has been dedicated o build and enlarge the infrastructure in countries as diverse as Spain (country of origin), Poland, Qatar and Egypt.

Now, COPROSA make their way into the Costa Rican market with the advice of CENTRAL LAW. This construction company has begun to explore beyond the Iberian borders since 2011 and their projects usually include construction of roads, bridges, rail systems and buildings housing hotels, homes and even museums.

The company decided to invest in Costa Rica, thanks to its well organized bidding system for public works and the sufficient resources for the required investment in infrastructure modernization, an area that there still has a lot to improve nationwide.  COPROSA Costa Rica soon will be participating in major tenders for the construction of public works, with special interest in road’s infrastructure and environmental sanitation such as the construction of aqueducts and sanitary sewers.

In order that they can break into Costa Rica, CENTRAL LAW is giving legal advice for the establishment of the Costa Rican entity owned by COPROSA. Also, CENTRAL LAW provided an analysis of the different legal forms to participate in tenders for public works and a study of the major projects in which they can participate. In fact, CENTRAL LAW has been providing COPROSA an integral assistance and advice so that can be hear in Costa Rica, during the course of this year, the constructor progress that they have experienced in European and Middle Eastern countries.

We are proud to have COPROSA  in CENTRAL LAW’s  prestigious portfolio , and we hope that this union will bring benefits to all, in order to strengthen the infrastructure which will help the Costa Rican development.