, Central Law supports College Cup in ProBono

Central Law supports College Cup in ProBono

Our offices in El Salvador, through their lawyers Piero Rusconi Bolaños and Jorge Gutiérrez Rascón, have supported in ProBono the project called College Cup, which aims to facilitate the obtaining of scholarships in US universities.

College Cup was founded by Diego and David Henríquez, brothers who had the opportunity to study in the United States thanks to scholarships and have decided to share their experience with the purpose of opening doors to more young Salvadorans so that they can study in the US through sports.

College Cup began in 2016 and in its first edition they organized a sub-19 collegiate football league in which 16 schools participated. The most outstanding players in this league had the opportunity to participate in a three-day camp for which College Cup managed the visit of 5 US universities.

Currently, there are already two young Salvadorans studying with scholarships in the US thanks to College Cup and there are three more who have scholarship offers and are leaving in August 2017.

College Cup has an ambitious expansion plans for 2017 and will be expanding in soccer up to 5 men's categories and one women's category, as well as adding basketball as a new sport, always with the main objective of making camps in El Salvador for which more US universities visits will be managed.

Piero Rusconi Bolaños, Associate of Central Law El Salvador stated: "We are very happy to support this type of entrepreneurships, especially because it benefits young Salvadorans, and we will continue to provide our legal assistance in a comprehensive manner with the purpose of collaborating with the expansion of this project ".