CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua hires Franchising Director

For this purpose, we have partnered with Gallástegui Armella Franquicias, a world renowned Mexican Company and a leader in providing comprehensive advice throughout the franchising process. 

Since then, our efforts have been focused on forming a department fully dedicated to service all Nicaraguan entrepreneurs who are willing to seize the opportunity to franchise their business or acquire an existing franchise. 

As part of this growth, Ms. Lillyam Canales Medina has been appointed as the Franchising Director in Nicaragua. Ms. Canales is a graduate of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), and has ample experience in formulating, performing and evaluating projects, as well as consulting and executive coordination. Ms. Canales will be responsible for guiding companies through the process of acquiring or creating a Franchise System under the comprehensive advice from the experts at Gallástegui Armella Franquicias, represented by CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua in Nicaragua. 

The acquisition or creation of a Franchise System is a commitment and a journey to success of two entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is necessary not to improvise and minimize the risk by relying on experts at every phase of development: from defining the business model to be franchised and preparing operational manuals, up to marketing and implementation of the System itself.