, CENTRAL LAW advises KIND project

CENTRAL LAW advises KIND project

Piero Rusconi Bolaños, associate attorney at CENTRAL LAW El Salvador, attended a training for lawyers on the KIND PROJECT meaning "Kids in Need of Defense", which was taught by Lisa Frydman who is the Director of thar NGO. A Skype conference on the processing system was held to explain refugee resettlement. KIND is a program for processing refugee children in the Central American countries and they are looking to help children who unfortunately live situations that prevent them from having a normal development either by race, religion, social group in which they live or up to the policy itself, and based on this one study eligibility it is made to reunite the child with his parents on the condition that one or both parents live in the United States and thus reintegrated into a society where they have a better future. For best lawyers would work on the following points: * Explain the process children * Support children during the process: answer questions, put them in touch with service providers * Prepare children for the interview with the Organization International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Government of the United States * Help children to support their requests: preparing a statement, help them gather critical evidence as far as possible, write a short letter about your eligibility for * Helping refugee children wishing to submit an application for review (appeal).


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