, Central America on the way of improving its airports

Central America on the way of improving its airports


In 2014 the Government of Guatemala confirmed the intervention of the General Director of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and presented Plan Aurora for remodeling and expanding the international airport that bears the name "Aurora".
The Plan Aurora requires to invest a total of US $ 12 million and involves the empowerment of 100 desks with computerized systems, 10 lifts, 14 escalators, bands of displacement, air conditioning and waiting rooms.


In 2014 El Salvador attended a traffic of 2.4 million incoming and outgoing passengers although the terminal has the capacity for a flow of 1.6 million people. Acknowledged that need to cover a growing demand, the autonomous executive port commission (ECA) indicated that for this year is expected a wave of investment that will cover three areas: infrastructure, airport security and improvement of client service. The president of the ECA announced the investment of US$20 million for the completion and rehabilitation of the main runway of street shooting including the installation of a radar of airport security and the building – still in development – of a platform for Aeroman, a company that offers maintenance to aircraft.

The security plans take into account the supply and installation of an ILS team (proximity devices) for the doors, while in the heading of keeping the company foresees an investment of US $20 million for the purchase and management of cargo, tanker truck , lighting elements of the airport and supply of closed circuit cameras .

The improvement in the airport's expansion plans for an investment of US$492 million in 4 stages culminating in 2032.


The investment of Honduras has been around US $63 million in its four international airports. This investment has been scheduled for the modernization of the platform and tracks as well as the improvement of the facilities of the air terminals of international airports Toncontin and Ramon Villeda Morales. Given that these airports serve external and internal operations with greater flow of passengers and operations at the national level, it is estimated that in the near future they strengthen the process of certification ISO 001-2008 for the management of airports.

As a goal of boosting tourism in the area of Copán the country inaugurated in March of this year the airfield of Rio Amarillo that allows landing of aircraft with a capacity of 100 passengers and has an airstrip built of 1400 meters, which could be expanded in the short term to receive larger aircrafts.

In the field of security, we can point the biometric registration of passengers in the four major airports of the country. It is a technological platform connected to the database of the department of security of the United States and Interpol as well as various agencies of the Honduran police for the optimization of the controls on the output and the detection of the income of drugs and the identification of fugitives from justice.


The destination country of Nicaragua has triggered that airlines will increase the frequency of its flights from and to the country, as well as other want to include it in your offer. To meet the accelerated growth of the business demands the investment has been since the 2007 US $65 million in the construction and improvement of the country's airports. In the international airport Augusto Sandino, the investment has been directed to the expansion of its facilities and the processes of safety certification. In 2014, the EAAI invested in the 2014 US$ 12 million to improve the technology in the air terminal and expand the 800 meters track. The terminal has a highway 6 way, 3 platforms for international flights and 10 load positions and 4 bridges of approach in the international platform.

For this year 2015 the public investment program provides the implementation of an infrastructure project in the mentioned airport which consists in the construction of a substation to ensure the efficient supply of energy to the terminal facilities.

The planned works are aimed to start between December 2015 and January 2016 and will include a new lighting system and more equipment for download. With the extension of the runway the terminal may receive flights from Asia and Europe with a capacity of up to 300 passengers.

Costa Rica

The Juan Santamaria international airport opened door for the operational support. This project involved the investment of US$4 million from a budget of US$21 million. The rest will be divided in the construction of two rooms of approach toward the east of the terminal and in the purchase of equipment and improvements of the security.

The expansion of the airport toward the west represents the greatest challenge that will face the Juan Santamaria in this period, two rooms that are under construction will be inaugurated in September and will be added to the nine halls of approach for international flights that already operate if to this you will sum the two rooms to the west that should be trained in 2017, the airport you will be dialing a growth of 44% in its infrastructure in 2 years.


The investment in the infrastructure of the Tocumen international airport in Panama is of $1.000 million which will be allocated to modernizing its main terminal, the construction of the second terminal at the airport which expects to meet a demand of 25 million passengers per year in the next decade. The investment plans include the improvement of network technology for the support of information and integration.

The terminal of Panama pacific  will also be reformed with an investment of US $ 1.5 million, it will allow the building of attention to passengers and the common areas and in the main airport the plans include a third runway for the landing and taking off of two planes simultaneously.

Initially US$50 million will be built in topographic studies to determine the expansion of the hangars and construction of new access roads.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican president Danilo Medina inaugurated the terminal B of the Punta Cana International Airport on 29 November 2014, with an investment of US$100 million. The terminal has an extension of 33.000 square meters.

This year 2015, the investment corresponds to the remodeling and expansion of terminal A which began in the early months of the year. The airport concessionaire, Grupo Punta,  has not made any reference to the total investment that will be taking place in the new draft, clarifying that the terminal will expand the space for the posts of migration and will have a free zone and a dining area. At the same time it will improve the waiting rooms to passengers, the boarding gates, the private VIP rooms and the air of parking.

The construction of the terminal B and the remodeling of the terminal A respond to the strategy of the concessionaire to meet a more higher demand. The Las Americas international airport in Santo Domingo, is also part of transformation. Until today it has been invested US $ 440 million in the 6 terminals that manages the group.

The plans of the company are to invest another US$7.9 million in the airport of Santo Domingo as part of the works for the improvement of airport infrastructure. The authorities at the airport of Punta Cana does not rule out the possibility to build another terminal in a period of 5 years.

Central America and the Caribbean are beginning a new era, an era of having a more competitive position in the global market. The authorities in those countries have realized that by having a better infrastructure their countries will be more prepared for regional and and tourism. The legal framework in place allows bilateral and regional agreements such as the recent EU association agreement and the well-known CAFTA- DR.

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