, Airport Quality in the Central America region

Airport Quality in the Central America region

In San Pedro Sula, Honduras it was held the V Congress of Airport Quality with the participation of international experts representing leading airports around the world. The main theme of the conference was the "Quality Airport Operations Critical Processes".

The aim of this conference was to increase knowledge and propose different possibilities of development in quality management processes in airport operations.

In Honduras there is a construction at the airport of Palmerola, Comayagua, with the idea of moving the Toncontin international airport to that site and open in 2017. In the rest of Central America there are other public Works reforming airports. For example it is expanding Tocumen Airport in Panama where by 2017 Terminal 2 will be operating. In Nicaragua the government seeks to improve the infrastructure to provide better care for the increasing demand of domestic flights due to the imminent tourism and enewable energy investments. El Salvador will expand its airport for receiving new planes and making waiting rooms more comfortable to the attention of passengers in tripd per hour. Costa Rica plans to build a new airport in Orotina and the Dominican Republic authorities are considering the construction of an airport in Pedernales.

The team of lawyers dedicated to Public Contracts, Procurement and Aviation Law at Central American law firm CENTRAL LAW, has advised various companies on the participation of international tenders regarding improvements to airports in the region. In Honduras, lawyers J. Humberto Medina and equipment have advised Munich Airport in the negotiations with the current operating company of the design and construction of the Palmerola international airport in Costa Rica, Rafael and Randall Quirós have advised a company in the studies of the Metropolitan airport expansion. The firm's lawyers have full control of the laws governing such procedures in the respective countries which allows them to have a better understanding of the projects in which their clients are involved and therefore provide them with high level advice. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.