Airport infrastructure projects in 2017 and beyond

Several exciting airport infrastructure projects currently are underway or planned for the immediate future in Central America. The attorneys at Central Law advise companies in the tender processes regarding airport construction, improvement, and expansion in the Central American Region. Lawyers at the firm have a full domain of governing laws which allow a better understanding of each project in which they participate and thus, give a high-level advice to their clients.


Tocumen International Airport
As a regional hub to the Caribean, Tocumen International Airport has embarked on expansion, renovation and modernization projects to better serve the growth of business and tourism in the region. The International Airport of Tocumen is extending the construction of its terminal by 14 months at a cost of an additional $100 million. The extension promises to decrease the price per square meter by 20%. TIA will also tender bids to study and design additional runways and runway expansion. In addition to Tocumen, Panama’s regional airports are also preparing tenders to finance expansion as well.

Panama Pacific Airport
Panama Pacific is expected to double its capacity next year to handle 5 simultaneous incoming flights as well as other improvements to airline counters, luggage handling, and improved waiting area for passengers. The airport was previously known as Howard Air Force Base and commercial air service started in 2014. The airport is located at the south end of the Panama Canal.

Enrique Malek Airport in David
A $1 million tender offer is being launched for the improvement of the platform. The expansion is due to the expected increase in passengers surpassing 2015’s number 260,000 people. The international airlines Copa Airlines and Air Panama fly in and out of the airport daily.

Costa Rica

In May of 2016, Mott McDonald won a bid to study, design, and prepare an overall master plan for the construction of a new airport in the Costa Rican town of Orotina, one hour’s drive west of the capital city of San Jose. The company has until May 2017 to submit their plans on this $1.5 million contract. This project is significant in that, according to Costa Rica’s President Luis Guillermo Solís, “it shows that this administration is willing to break the stagnation and paralysis we’ve had on moving forward with essential public works.” The airport is expected to be under construction until 2025 and is sure to offer international construction contractors many opportunities to contribute to the project.

Managua, Nicaragua

An effort is underway to improve the capacity at the terminal in the main airport to accommodate an increase in daily passenger arrivals in the main tourist months of November and December from 50 flights per day to 65.

These are just a few of the many exciting airport infrastructure projects planned for the area for 2017. Contract Central Law for details at