, A New Civil Procedure Code of Nicaragua Was Published

A New Civil Procedure Code of Nicaragua Was Published

Today Friday, October 9, the Official Gazette published-through a special number- the Gazette No. 191 containing the Law No. 902 Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Nicaragua, which repeals our former Code of Civil Procedure, which is over a hundred years of legal force.

This new Code has 887 articles, divided into eight books, which are:

1.    General Provisions
2.    Evidence
3.    Precautionary Measures (Preliminary Injunctions or Temporary Restraining Orders)
4.    Declarative and Monitory Processes
5.    Appeals Resources
6.    Enforcement
7.    Acts of Voluntary Jurisdiction
8.    Final Provisions, Additional, Reformatory, Repeal, Transitional and Effectiveness.

The enforcement of the law will be within a year, and this period of vacatio legis will work for us as lawyers for preparing ourselves for its effective implementation.
Undoubtedly, the early entry into force of the new Code is a milestone in our legislative history, by having one modern tool updated to contemporary demands.
In CENTRAL LAW Nicaragua, we have already begun to study and analyze this new legal tool, in order to be ready for applying it.

Avil Ramírez Mayorga